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The aim of the platform, administered by the Open Dialog Foundation, is to provide to up date information on human rights violations in Ukraine.

"New Mariupol“

"New Mariupol" is the name of an organisation which was officially registered only two weeks ago but has already changed the city’s image.

Life is back to normal in Sloviansk

Sloviansk nowadays is a city of contrasts. Evidence of fighting is still visible there and the withdrawing separatists have left not only a huge network of trenches near Siyemionovka (city’s suburbs), but even toothbrushes in the field washbasins they had organised. 

“Kiev Ruthenia” battalion on front Line

For many weeks now, the 11th “Kiev Ruthenia” Battalion has been surrounded on three sides and shelled by separatists. They can be reached only from the side of Debalcev and under a special permit only.

Maidan without the Maidan. In memoriam

The time has come when one may feel tempted to draw certain conclusions. The so-called “cleaning” of the Maidan, that is the removal of the tents that had stood there since winter, was a complete success. There is virtually nothing remaining in the Ukrainian capital main square to remind one of the “tent town” that used to be there barely a few weeks ago.

Self-Defense in their new base in Kyiv

Sotnyas managed to obtain permission from the municipal authorities to take over the old Pechersk citadel. The idea was supported in the first place by historians, who had for a long time stood in stern defense of this monument of architecture from subsequent attempts to have it demolished.

Is it patriotism yet?

In Kyiv he understood – all that was left for him was Ukraine. Ukraine told him clearly what to do. Ukraine was sunflower fields and no stupid questions asked. A dead friend’s memento knife.

Maidan’s last days

The last phase of so-called Maidan “cleansing” that is to say the removal of the last tents is just about to finish. 


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Ukrainian army volunteers

I made part of my trip to the east together with twenty-five volunteers who had enrolled and were allowed to join one of the battalions. Thanks to their friendliness, I could accompany them from the very beginning, when they were bidding farewell to their near and dear ones, and getting to know one another, before they officially joined the battalion’s structures. 

It was a striking and joyful experience at the same time. Striking – because I understood very quickly that Ukraine was sending to the east its best-educated people, competent businessmen, students … They represent that “new society” for which the Maidan was fighting. They say “If not us then who”. I cannot believe that some of them may never return. 

And, at the same time, I realised again that the morale in an army made up of volunteers is exceptionally high. It was just in front of my eyes that brotherly relations were developing between people who had not known each another the day before. No one was trying to impress anyone else, even though not infrequently the volunteers proved to be experienced soldiers. Unnoticeably we – “journalists from Poland” – became part of that family and the farewell was really moving. 

I promised the boys I would come to visit them and hopefully I can keep my promise. And when I come, I will see them all.