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The aim of the platform, administered by the Open Dialog Foundation, is to provide to up date information on human rights violations in Ukraine.

"New Mariupol“

"New Mariupol" is the name of an organisation which was officially registered only two weeks ago but has already changed the city’s image.

Life is back to normal in Sloviansk

Sloviansk nowadays is a city of contrasts. Evidence of fighting is still visible there and the withdrawing separatists have left not only a huge network of trenches near Siyemionovka (city’s suburbs), but even toothbrushes in the field washbasins they had organised. 

“Kiev Ruthenia” battalion on front Line

For many weeks now, the 11th “Kiev Ruthenia” Battalion has been surrounded on three sides and shelled by separatists. They can be reached only from the side of Debalcev and under a special permit only.

Maidan without the Maidan. In memoriam

The time has come when one may feel tempted to draw certain conclusions. The so-called “cleaning” of the Maidan, that is the removal of the tents that had stood there since winter, was a complete success. There is virtually nothing remaining in the Ukrainian capital main square to remind one of the “tent town” that used to be there barely a few weeks ago.

Self-Defense in their new base in Kyiv

Sotnyas managed to obtain permission from the municipal authorities to take over the old Pechersk citadel. The idea was supported in the first place by historians, who had for a long time stood in stern defense of this monument of architecture from subsequent attempts to have it demolished.

Is it patriotism yet?

In Kyiv he understood – all that was left for him was Ukraine. Ukraine told him clearly what to do. Ukraine was sunflower fields and no stupid questions asked. A dead friend’s memento knife.

Maidan’s last days

The last phase of so-called Maidan “cleansing” that is to say the removal of the last tents is just about to finish. 


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The Maidan is constantly changing

The Maidan is constantly changing; every time I come here, it is a bit different. The last two weeks have been very quiet here, therefore souvenir peddlers returned, tents were abandoned, and concerts were held in the streets and on the stage. On the other hand, the atmosphere is becoming tense. Fatigue and lack of results  have prompted a desire to return to radical measures. Barricades melted away, they were replaced with rubble, but nowthey appear much smaller. Today we held a rally, which previously, used to attract many people to gather, but attendance was probably lower than the last one.And previously, rallies were held with no major demands or consensus on ideas for planned action.
Some of the opposition decided to enter into an agreement with the government. Let me remind you that, in accordance with the law on amnesty,  all the streets and buildings must be cleared. The court has now sanctioned the release of all detainees from custody. The next step for the protesters, is leaving city council building and rebuilding barricades on HrushevskohoStreet so as to enable the use of the street. This state of affairs will continue until all cases against activists are closed. If they are not, or the police will try to manipulate the situation – defence has a plan to swiftly return to the position which were in before the compromise. But what they will do if the court upholds the demands, is yet to be seen.

In connection with the above, the Mayor’s Office has already been cleared. Currently, cleaning work is being carried out there. The entrance is protected by a defence unit which looks like an anti-terrorist unit. This situation will continue also as whilst work is being carried out by the Councils, nobody is going to let the police enter the maidan (the Mayor’s office is located between the barricades on Kreshchatyk). In front of the entrance, approx. 500 people opposing the clearing of the building gathered; they claim it is a step backwards and could become the start of adefeat. On the other hand, on Hrushevskoho Street,the police cordon  was withdrawn back to the parliament building. The defence unitdoes not allow anyone approach the gate of the Dynamo stadium. Barricades are being rebuilt so that the street willbe passable. Wrecks of buses are being moved away using heavy equipment. All is done under bilateral control.

Everything could change on Tuesday. Many people believe that on that day, the situation will be exacerbated again. Firstly, it is when the law on amnesty expires. Secondly, the decision on the exertion of ‘peaceful pressure’ has been issued, and the protest is to spread through the whole government quarter; thirdly, the parliament will convene at a meeting and  should begin to make decisions.
Interesting words about the constitution and legitimacy of the authorities were uttered at the rally today. And so, according to the opposition, the president was elected under the parliamentary-cabinet system, and in the current presidential system, his support could have been completely different. Moreover, the constitution was allegedly amended illegally, under pressure from the Constitutional Court. They see the possibility of reverting to the previous version in the withdrawal of the decision of the court, or a simplified vote of parliament. Then, it will become possible to work on the amendments. There are also requirements which state that vetting should be carried out.

Initiative on the Maidan was taken fully by the defence unit. The number of participants is constantly increasing, their equipment is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and they appear more and more fearsome. First of all, I have the impression that they usurp power. That is, it is good that they maintain discipline, proper order and safety; without them, everything would have probably ended long ago, and tragically. However, the number of checks, orders and prohibitions which predominantly ban access to certain places, have reduced the sense of freedom. Most likely, it has to be so.

I visited Ukrainian House. It’s an amazing place; a place of real free culture. There are information desks, the headquarters of the AutoMaidan, a chapel, a concert hall, where lectures, animations and happenings are organised. In the library, you can borrow a book in exchange for a card giving your ‘word of honour’ that the book will be returned. The atmosphere is hard to describe, it is simply magical. Under normal circumstances, no such place would operate in this way.