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The aim of the platform, administered by the Open Dialog Foundation, is to provide to up date information on human rights violations in Ukraine.

"New Mariupol“

"New Mariupol" is the name of an organisation which was officially registered only two weeks ago but has already changed the city’s image.

Life is back to normal in Sloviansk

Sloviansk nowadays is a city of contrasts. Evidence of fighting is still visible there and the withdrawing separatists have left not only a huge network of trenches near Siyemionovka (city’s suburbs), but even toothbrushes in the field washbasins they had organised. 

“Kiev Ruthenia” battalion on front Line

For many weeks now, the 11th “Kiev Ruthenia” Battalion has been surrounded on three sides and shelled by separatists. They can be reached only from the side of Debalcev and under a special permit only.

Maidan without the Maidan. In memoriam

The time has come when one may feel tempted to draw certain conclusions. The so-called “cleaning” of the Maidan, that is the removal of the tents that had stood there since winter, was a complete success. There is virtually nothing remaining in the Ukrainian capital main square to remind one of the “tent town” that used to be there barely a few weeks ago.

Self-Defense in their new base in Kyiv

Sotnyas managed to obtain permission from the municipal authorities to take over the old Pechersk citadel. The idea was supported in the first place by historians, who had for a long time stood in stern defense of this monument of architecture from subsequent attempts to have it demolished.

Is it patriotism yet?

In Kyiv he understood – all that was left for him was Ukraine. Ukraine told him clearly what to do. Ukraine was sunflower fields and no stupid questions asked. A dead friend’s memento knife.

Maidan’s last days

The last phase of so-called Maidan “cleansing” that is to say the removal of the last tents is just about to finish. 


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A fight between Maidan and Anti-Maidan

At about 9 a.m. defence fighters standing by the Maidan stage began to form columns. An hour later they started moving up Instytutska street. They were followed by civilians...tens of thousands of people. During the march we were singing patriotic songs and shouting slogans. On our way we passed two crossroads blocked by police cars and cordons. People were coming up; trying to negotiate with the police. The largest group was the one that gathered near the Mariinsky park where the cordon of the Internal Forces stood, separating the protesters from the Verkhovna Rada and the Anti-Maidan. It has to be said that an aggressive and radical mood is mostly observed among the civilians. It’s the defence that doesn’t let allow them into the forefront, for fear of provocations. The defence units are incredibly efficient and well-organised. Having arrived, they immediately went into formation according to predetermined plans. I think they have devised a multi-scenario plan. It was clear that if the police didn’t let the protesters through, after a while the Hrushevskoho-street-story would repeat itself.Well, apparently, that’s what happened. At about 10:40,tyres were set on fire in Hrushevskoho street. From the parliament building one could see the smoke and hear the shells exploding. The situation was, however, taken under control by the second defence unit. There are not so many people but anyway nobody can get through the barricades. Through the smoke one can see a group of police officers reaching as far as the museum, there really are lots of them. Their forces are much more numerous than the defence on the other side of Maidan.

Some descriptionAt about 11:00 clashes at one of the crossroads of the Instytutska street began, immediatly adjacent to the Parliament building. A smell of gas is coming from there, doctors are handing out masks and pouring milk. People are ripping out stones of the pavement and throwing them towards police.

About half an hour ago, according to eye-witnesses, clashes broke out near the park. Though the defence maintains order there, they are well armed with sticks, firecrackers, shells etc. Initially, only sound greanades and smoke grenades were used. But now the cordon has broken at one point. I don’t know who started it but now there’s a battle in progress. Officers are pulling people out of clouds of smoke and arresting them.Several ambulances have driven off. There are probably people who have suffered eye injuries. Maidan and Anti-Maidan protestors have began to engage in a standoff. Titushky are spraying water from a water jet.

It’s obvious that the situation is fraught with tension. The dominating mood is determination and steadfastness. If the tension isnt subdued, the fight in Hrushevskoho street which happened a few weeks ago, may transpire to be merely a warm-up. The question is, whether the protestors want to maintain the peaceful scenario or not. Developments are ongoing.